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Seoul - November 2022

A group of 11 UK academics, practitioners and students from the UK-SK Eyewitness Memory Network travelled to Seoul, Republic of Korea in November 2022. The group included members from Promat, the University of Birmingham, and the University of Portsmouth.

Whilst in Seoul, the team took part in a variety of activities from conferences, discussions with students and criminal justice practitioners (including police officers, prosecutors, and prison officers) and tours of crime scene analysis units and prisons. As well as wonderful displays of traditional foods and cultural heritage sites.

Friday 25th November

Research Seminar to Forensic and Clinical Post-Graduate Students at Chung-Ang University.


Yunji Jung - The Effect of Smokers’ Anxiety Levels on Avoidance of Cigarette Warnings Under a Stressful Condition

Dr. Alejandra De La Fuente Vilar - Culture, rapport, and information elicitation

Justine Kim - The visual attentional pattern toward smoking area signs in legal and illegal cigarette smokers: Preliminary findings

Madeleine Ingham - Probing participants who were alcohol intoxicated during a hypothetical rape scenario to remember more details impairs recall accuracy

Jaeyong Seol - The TCI Profile Characteristics of Drug Abusers-Focusing on the Participants of Rehabilitation Program

Dr. Renan Saraiva - The Role of Metamemory in Eyewitness Testimony

Laura Stevens - The Kenyan Survivors of Sexual Violence Network: Preserving Memory Evidence with a Bespoke Mobile Application to Increase Access to Vital Services and Justice

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Saturday 26th November

Korean Association of Psychology Law Conference 


Prof. Heather Flowe - Where Memory Science meets Justice 

Prof. Lorraine Hope - Capturing Information from Memory: Innovations in Interviewing Research

Dr. Melissa Colloff - How can we use psychological theory to enhance eyewitness identification accuracy?


Prof. Jungwon Lee, Prof. Sangyeon Yoon, Prof. Sanghwa Shin


Sunday 27th November

Students from CAU gave UK visitors a guided tour of Gyeongbokgung Palace.

28th Nov.jfif

Monday 28th November

Seminar with crime analysts at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency


Professor Lorraine Hope, Dr. Alejandra de la Fuente Vilar, & Dr. Stefana Juncu - Capturing Information from Memory in Criminal Investigations

Dr. Melissa Colloff & Laura Stevens - Using psychological research and theory to enhance eyewitness memory evidence

Tuesday 29th November

Seminar with CAU students regarding International Studying and Open Science 


Prof. Lorraine Hope - Studying Abroad 

Prof. Heather Flowe, Sarah Rockowitz, Madeleine Ingham, Tia Bennett & Laura Stevens - Studying Abroad at the University of Birmingham and Students Experiences 

Dr. Renan Saraiva & Dr. Stefana Juncu - Open Science Practices: Issues and Solutions

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