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Spotlight on: Dr Stefana Juncu

I have recently completed my PhD in the Department of Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, and I am currently working as a Teaching Fellow in the same department.

My research applies socio-cognitive theories in psychology to legal procedures and investigations. One strand of my research program examines forensic applications of prospective person memory, which is the ability to remember to perform a specific action (e.g., to call the police) when you encounter a target individual (e.g., a missing person) in the course of other everyday activities. This work has implications for missing person investigations and the apprehension of wanted individuals, particularly at border control and in counter-terrorism contexts. The current research on prospective person memory is very limited and lacking cross-cultural perspectives. The UK-South Korea network is a great opportunity for me to create new research collaborations and hopefully expand on this topic.

My second line of research looks at ways of understanding and improving eyewitness identifications. I have recently published a chapter on the comparison of eyewitness identification guidelines across the world, and as part of this network I would like to learn more about how eyewitness identification procedure are run both in the UK and in South Korea. This comparison could lead to new research projects aiming to increase lineup identification accuracy and reliability.

As part of this collaboration, I am looking forward to learning more about how both missing person investigations and eyewitness identifications are run in South Korea. This collaboration will also expose my research interests to international audiences with the hope of developing new collaborations and knowledge exchange regarding both theoretical and methodological issues.


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